Can you sell a new credit card to mothers while also helping small business owners pick the perfect card?

Amex EveryDay Card Online Media

Role: Concept & Copy

Launching a new product is rarely a seamless, easy process. And pimping a new credit card even more so.

Yet, the clouds seemed to part when American Express took us up on our suggestion to use Tina Fey to sell their new Amex EveryDay Card to working mothers. (Plus, who doesn't want to work with Tina "Fracking" Fey?!?)

One of my many charges was devising headlines for online banners that would get across Lady Fey’s inimitable comic sensibilities while teasing the brand and inciting an in-banner video view. Hey, everything's easier when you have a great leading lady.

Amex Card Search Rehaul

Role: Content Strategy & Copy

Amex’s Open microsite was created to help small business owners grow their business. One of the site's biggest flaw was that it didn’t provide a simple way for them to find the Amex card that best matched their needs. The process was complex in the most maddening way possible.

Spent many a-week untying this Gordian Knot by reconstructing the flow and editing the content so each step felt as if there was a kind hand gently — yet assuredly — guiding these budding business barons towards the ideal card. And Amex loved it (after months of testing, natch).


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