Began in college as a Nothing in Common-inspired intern at Fahlgren Martin. The pants were pegged. The hair ducktailed. And the mind toggled between folly-driven notions and creating print and TV ads for Mickey D’s and the Greenbrier. An understanding on how to rock the USP was formed. (i.e. Unique Selling Proposition. Bow to its creator.)


Offered entry-level gig from J. Walter Chi-town. Ditched plans and moved to Japan. Taught English at a private all girls junior college. Worked Guns ‘n’ Roses songs into lesson plan. Owned a fast scooter. Discovered self-control no match for the knotty yet sensual art of udon massage. Matto-san totemo genki deshita.


Needed to get my America back on. Joined friends in sunny LA. Lived large in Manhattan Beach with sweet digs on the Strand. Threw parties galore. Hawk from American Gladiators often stopped by. Once clogged the toilet (then blamed it on his date). Started copywriter gig at Merisel. Busted out ads for Microsoft and Apple. Beeper was on repeat blow up.


Silicone-induced carpal tunnel pushed move to SF. First job as bouncer and security at a great club. Second gig: ad director for software company in Multimedia Gulch. Busted out first website and banners. Lots of work, lots of lessons. Went freelance so I could tour with my band, ThrottleFinger. Subsisted on Herradura, Whiz Burger and jump pages.


Moved to NYC to try comedy writing. Met hero Bob Odenkirk. Pushed move back to LA. Wrote bits for Alan Thicke. Paid rent doing web work for the ABC Network. Missed NYC (i.e. future wife Larissa). Landed MRM NY gig at Burbank airport on way back. Joined wildly talented Intel team. Parlayed work into ACD job at Heartbeat. Itch to freelance again surfaced shortly after first pharma project.


Became a father to two beautiful girls Jerri and Quincy. Fulfilled DJ dream with a show on East Village Radio. (R.I.P.) Was lured back to my digi-daddy MRM. Lead the creative charge for the Army. Freelance beckoned again. Many thrills creative directing for Amex, TEDx and the inaugural Jock Reynolds Fantasy Football Magazine. And now? Awaiting the next adventure...do you have anything in mind?