Can a pair of dueling rock stars sell processors?


Role: Concept, Lyrics & Copy

The ask was straightforward: create videos to promote Intel’s new software-enabled hardware to I.T. managers. In other words, hard meets soft. Eureka! Do an in-office singing throwdown between soft rock and hard rock!

I crafted lyrics that sold the product using the bombast and gossamer of each musical style. The fun part was singing it to everyone from a gaggle of international Intel brand managers to Intel’s Senior VP of Worldwide Marketing.

From there we were fortunate to get Christopher Guest to direct and Dan Finnerty (the wedding singer from Old School) to add ample comedic goodness. The whole experience…pure, uncut bliss.


Role: Concept & Copy

We also created a microsite to house the videos that would be equally fun and quirky — featuring many Easter eggs and interviews with the legendary Mr. Guest, Dan the Man and other performers.