Can a Yank help a bunch of Aussies launch their inaugural magazine?


Role: Creative Direction & Editing

The story goes like this: my best friend Seldon, who is Australian and a graphic artist of note, dragged me out one late Friday night to watch the Australian Rules Football equivalent of their Super Bowl. The game ended in a tie.

So we’re going into overtime?

No, mate. Play the whole game over next Saturday.

And I’ve been hooked ever since.

For most who watch the sport, playing the fantasy game is almost mandatory. So I got involved with the Jock Reynolds fantasy footy community and I’m not ashamed to say, it’s been a lover affair ever since.

So when they wanted to expand their brand and needed help putting together a magazine. Seldon and I jumped at the opportunity to help bring it to life.

And it was a blast from first moment to last. Building something from scratch is never easy, yet when you’re working with people who are passionate about their product, it makes it much easier and enjoyable.

I’m just hoping my fantasy ranking improves this season.

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